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Importing studies to OnePacs from portable media using a Gateway computer 

Users who have a large number of studies to upload from portable media such as CDs or DVDs may wish to make use of a Gateway PC for this purpose.

While the Java applet interface is the simplest method of uploading studies, and thus will likely be preferred by most users uploading a small number of studies from portable media to OnePacs, the use of a Gateway PC offers the following advantages when numerous studies are involved:

  • Better study compression, leading to shorter upload times, shorter download times, and the use of less space on the OnePacs system
  • Resilience against errors such as network problems leading to failed uploads, as the Gateway will continue to automatically re-try uploads which fail on an initial upload attempt.

The gateway PC is most commonly used to receive DICOM studies over a local network from imaging modalities or PACS systems. However, it is also possible to install DICOM software, such as the OnePacs workstation, on the Gateway PC (or another PC on the same local network as the Gateway PC), and transmit studies from the software program's local database to the OnePacs Gateway software. The OnePacs Gateway software will process the studies, compress and encrypt them, and upload the studies to the OnePacs system.

For example, the steps involved in utilizing this methodology to upload studies from portable media to the OnePacs system using the OnePacs Workstation installed on the Gateway PC would be as follows:

Sample configuration of Gateway PC with OnePacs Workstation for importing studies from portable media

  • Configure a OnePacs Gateway PC (if this has not already been done)
  • Install the OnePacs Workstation software on the Gateway PC
  • Within the OnePacs Workstation, click on the “Explorer” tab, then right-click on the entry “OnePacs Gateway” in the server list, and choose “Edit”
  • In the text edit field labeled “host”, enter the value
  • Click OK

The Gateway PC is now ready to import studies from portable media and transmit them to OnePacs.

The following steps can then be performed to transmit studies when desired:

  • Insert the portable media containing the study or studies to be transmitted to OnePacs
  • Click on the “Explorer” tab in the OnePacs Workstation
  • Click on the “Local files” tab within the Explorer view
  • Navigate to the folder containing the DICOM studies within the Explorer view
  • Right-click on the folder containing DICOM studies, and select the “Import” option
  • Repeat for any additional media containing studies for transmission to OnePacs
  • Click on the DICOM tab within the Explorer view of OnePacs workstation
  • Select the study or studies to be transmitted to OnePacs, then choose the “Send” option from either the right-click popup menu, or the toolbar above the study list
  • Select “OnePacs Gateway” as the destination
  • The selected studies will be compressed and transmitted to OnePacs by the Gateway PC.
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