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OnePacs Cloud Voice Recognition is a purely web-based, cross-platform speech recognition product built into the OnePacs reporting solution.  No applications or browser plugins/extensions are required and the engine is speaker-independent so no voice training is required.  This allows physicians to quickly and accurately dictate medical imaging reports with minimal setup.

Microphone Calibration

When using OPVR for the first time, or when switching to a new computer or new microphone, or as a troubleshooting measure in the case of recognition issues, it may be useful to calibrate your microphone volume.

Instructions on how to do this on Windows systems is given here:
On macOS systems, select the "Sound" panel from System Preferences, then select the Input tab. Click the name of the microphone in use, then slide the "input volume" slider to the left or right to adjust sensitivity. Depending on your audio environment, it may be helpful to check "Use ambient noise reduction" to reduce background noise which may interfere with recognition.

Microphone Operation

The status of OnePacs Cloud Voice Recognition is indicated by the microphone icon with the OnePacs reporting solution.